Meanwhile, I’m totally falling behind on finding a real job…

So obviously a new part of my ongoing series didn’t go up today (yesterday, from the perspective of when you read this), but it will definitely go up over the weekend. Obviously getting immersed in the ideas of Scott McCloud is one of the larger projects I’ve undertaken on Da Blog thus far, although today the major problem was when Order of the Stick updated and I spent a hefty amount of time catching up on the forums, which were down for an unforeseen span the last time the strip updated. Honestly, figuring out what McCloud actually means has left me so disillusioned with the state of webcomics now that I’m actually starting to develop more of an appreciation for the position of one John Solomon. But that’s neither here nor there.

Starting next week, the Saturday Sandsday could update as early as 9:15 PM PT the Friday before, because of the possibility of actually getting sleep in if I post the strip, and thus go to bed, early enough.

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