The gazillionth "I’m reducing my workload" post

I have four posts I want to get to over the course of the next week: the state of Ctrl+Alt+Del and Darths and Droids, and two sports-related posts. All but one requires me to be connected to the Internet to do most of the work. But those and the RID are all you’re getting over the next week and I may backslide on one or two of those.

After that, I’m going to try and refocus on webcomics reviews as my main focus of posting, in order to get work done on other things. I have a paper to do for a class I’ve been falling behind on the reading in, I have to try and find a real job, I have to work on a lengthy series for Sandsday, I have to work on a series of posts I have planned for the summer. I have to figure out what I’m going to do with my life.

I put too much stuff on my plate this quarter; my schedule is only supposed to be this full in the fall when I’m doing football-related stuff. I need to get back to basics in a sense. But between my RSS feeds, the above projects, my webcomic reviews, and another fairly major project that will partly spin out of the “Webcomics’ Identity Crisis” series… is anything really changing? Am I really reducing my workload?

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