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Before, I might have thought V could stretch the splice into the next book. Now? Not so much.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized terms of lease.) I’m going to try and be quick with this. Because it was a makeup for arguably not having a February OOTS post, I don’t consider the post I made when V took this deal to be an official OOTS post for most purposes. […]

Okay, I have to check this out.

Sometime next week, you’re going to get a sports TV graphics roundup and review. Because SportsCenter is overhauling its graphics package. I may wake up slightly before 6 AM on Monday just to see it debut. I wonder if this is a sign that SportsCenter and other ESPN programs are (finally) moving to the graphics […]

A funny thing happened on Around the Horn Monday…

The topic was Tiger’s win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Bob Ryan opens the discussion by saying it’s his second-best win behind his first win at the Masters! Kevin Blackistone slides it behind only his win at Pebble Beach nine years ago. Then after Jay speaks, Woody Paige chimes in: hey, remember his last win? […]


Headslap. Headslap. If you’re willing to put a channel on the sports tier, why not let it be ESPNU? Or even better, why not let cable operators decide for themselves which channel to put on the sports tier? You’re going to abandon Classic like that? Baby steps! (Does this mean the end of Classic as […]

How odd is it…

…that the top 16 entries in Yahoo Sports’ Tournament Challenge ALL have North Carolina winning it all? I should have picked UConn so I could beat them all. I still wouldn’t place first, but still. And how bizarre is it that, in a year in which I picked almost at random, I’m in the ninety-seventh […]

The 2009 Mid-Major Conference

Refer to this post if you don’t know what this is about or to catch up on the rules. This year, only three conferences produced multiple bids to the NCAA Tournament: the MWC, A-10, and Horizon League. These conferences are guaranteed one spot each in the Mid-Major Conference. Three teams reached the Sweet 16, all […]

What I Did On My Spring Vacation

I went into Spring Break intending to get a lot of stuff done. I’d been building a backlog of things I wanted to do and I wanted to clear as much of it out as possible. And I did get a lot done. Not as much as I intended, but I intended to do a […]

Tweeting out of a facebook in my space.

When I started Da Blog, I mentioned that “you won’t see me get a MySpace or Facebook account” and I lumped in MySpace and Facebook along with blogs as things I didn’t think there was anyone left in my age group who didn’t have them. Since then, I’ve seen a number of blogs shacking up […]

There are no unambiguous happy endings! Every ending has to be bittersweet!

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized corny endings.) So it’s Reboot the Universe Week at Irregular Webcomic! This is now the fourth straight strip with this same last panel. Presumably we still have three more to go, including the biggest bang ever courtesy of the Mythbusters theme. Curiously, we don’t know yet whether all these […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

When you think about it, almost every number is interesting!