Monthly Archives: April 2009

It’s not "swine flu" anymore.

I want you to book it from this moment: if, in my entire lifetime (indeed all the way until the death of civilization), I see any potential pandemic referred to by a name that names them after an animal you can’t get it from in any way, no matter how much it may make sense […]

No more calling out the mainstream media for Favremania, mmmkay?

The Jets released Brett Favre from their “reserve/retired” list yesterday, an auspicious move considering so far as I can tell players on the R/R list don’t count against roster or salary caps, but ordinarily a fairly routine move, at least for any player not named Brett Favre. So naturally you’d expect plenty of “does this […]

Why I don’t use Blogger’s on-page comment form

In my experience, if you’re not logged in – and for whatever reason, no matter how recently you may have done so, on Blogger even, when you go to another blog, you never are – you have to hit “Post comment” and be told it didn’t go through (you’re logged in now), then hit “Post […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Everything you could ever need to know about a black hole in 5 minutes! No one has cast a vote so far on what I should do with the RID? Strip should be posted by noon.

Now that that’s over with…

I’m not trying the trick I used last night to post the strip again. Actually I think I got Yet Another reason I need to leave Freehostia. For a while now, for whatever reason, I think they think I have a virus or something because a lot of the images I’ve submitted – images that […]

Not for kids. Or anyone.

Fucking neighborhood with its fucking college students and poor people and fucking Freehostia with its fucking file manager and fucking Blogger for eating my first attempt at the last fucking post and fucking me for not backing it up when I know how much Blogger fucking sucks and fucking Blogger and Internet Explorer for not […]

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… another retype. I thought I made myself immune to this bullshit.

If the Super Bowl were covered the same way the NFL Draft is: It would last two days. It would be covered by TWO networks. It would be preceded by a five-hour pregame show. Same (or less) than now, right? Well, there would be pregame shows on both networks. One of the two networks would […]

Idle, tweet-worthy thought.

A notice to Seattle’s Metro transit system: If you’re going to have a rule saying “Wear headphones”, it should come with an implicit corollary: “Don’t play your music so loud it’s like you’re NOT wearing headphones.” Of course, such rules are only as good as the drivers’ willingness to enforce them and the extent the […]

If it weren’t for David Morgan-Mar’s large buffer I’d think he was responding to my last IWC post.

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized things beyond mortal ken.) So by all appearances, my theory that IWC just underwent a permanent reboot to the beginning has been shot to hell. The funny thing is, though, every theme that has had at least two strips since the reboot – Space, Shakespeare, Martians, Cliffhangers, and Steve […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

I don’t see how this is any different from a spiffier version of this. I mean, it’s barely been two months since that earlier RID! The alternative is to get insane, and probably hypnotized. The Random Internet Discovery is a colossal failure compared to what I originally had in mind for it. I hoped I […]