If it weren’t for David Morgan-Mar’s large buffer I’d think he was responding to my last IWC post.

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized things beyond mortal ken.)

So by all appearances, my theory that IWC just underwent a permanent reboot to the beginning has been shot to hell.

The funny thing is, though, every theme that has had at least two strips since the reboot – Space, Shakespeare, Martians, Cliffhangers, and Steve and Terry, especially Space, Martians, and Steve and Terry (Cliffhangers seems to want it both ways) – has backed up the idea of starting over from the beginning.

So the likeliest idea is that – uh oh – the Irregular Crisis isn’t over yet and there’s still more madness yet to come.

But I like the idea that the last four months of the Fantasy theme, the entire destruction of the universe, stay in the afterlife, and brief flashback to a tavern, has all been part of an extended flashback sequence and we’re only now picking up the plot thread from this strip.

Although… is that the Balrog I see in the last panel? Is Kyros not telling the whole truth?

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