It’s Webcomic Sunday (or is it Monday?) here on Da Blog. Think of it as a makeup for the paucity of posts last week.

(From Darths and Droids. Click for full-sized stupid childish game.)

I have to say, this strip caught me off-guard because I’m only used to the kiddy, making-stupid-stuff-up, “meesa” fun-loving Sally of Phantom Menace.

In a sense, it’s a little odd because we haven’t seen all that much of Jar-Jar here. The last time Sally showed up, it was to mention how much “fun” the mysterious fantasy game played between movies was from Ben’s perspective – presumably, a role-playing game like this one. Was she embarrassed by the stupidity displayed by Ben and Annie in chasing down Amidala’s assassin? There’s a hint of Sally being ashamed of how she played in Phantom Menace, but she’s still making up stupid stuff in the same strip, and she seemed enthusiastic enough when the campaign started, but on the other hand she’s had maybe one line in character…

A quick check of Wikipedia shows that Jar-Jar does have an important role in the plot later, as the representative that serves as Palpatine’s patsy in granting Palpatine Hitler-like emergency powers. But in the movie, Jar-Jar is merely acting as Senator in Amidala’s absense, while they’re co-Senators in Darths and Droids, so the Comic Irregulars could – though it’s a long shot – have alternate plans in mind. Especially since Jar Jar only makes a cameo in Episode III.

Still, it’s interesting to wonder if Sally’s disgruntlement with the game here leaves her open to manipulation by the GM later… or even if she deliberately derails the game and the GM’s plans and sets up the plot of the next four movies without being present for any of them.

Eventful day in webcomics I follow, as we still have two more posts to go.

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