Not for kids. Or anyone.

Fucking neighborhood with its fucking college students and poor people and fucking Freehostia with its fucking file manager and fucking Blogger for eating my first attempt at the last fucking post and fucking me for not backing it up when I know how much Blogger fucking sucks and fucking Blogger and Internet Explorer for not backing it up instead of assuming everyone is fucking online every last fucking bit of the time because it’s not as if there aren’t people still on dialup or even not even on the Internet is there? and fucking laptop for sucking so fucking much and fucking laptop battery for sucking so fucking much fucking first-choice connection for being so fucking slow and fucking me for screwing up my fucking sleep schedule and fucking me for putting too much work on myself and fucking owner of the place where fucking Dad fucking works to not fucking be there to work on the fucking connection and fucking people to prevent Dad from getting the needed info for the other fucking connection and fucking place providing said other fucking connection and fucking me and/or Mom for losing the fucking info in the first place and fucking me for getting into the fucking situation to need either of those in the fucking first place and fucking society for its fucking intolerance of people like me because it fucking suppresses anger rather than fucking understands it.

Fuck the whole wide world and every last fucking person in it. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that the world and the people in it would be so much better if it weren’t for all the fucking people. I’ve been driven so insane by all my fucking overwork I can’t even leave the house even after being cooped up in it doing nothing all day cause all the fucking people drive me fucking insane.

And fuck it, now that I’ve fucking let all this out I’m probably going to not believe a fucking word of it and I’m probably going to go back to nicely going along with the fucking crowd and believing the same fucking things as every-fucking-one else and meanwhile everyone’s going to look at this as more than the fucking theraputic excersize it is and think I’m some kind of fucking monster that’s going to become a fucking serial killer some day and it’s probably going to fucking cost me any shot at a fucking real job and some people might say I shouldn’t fucking post it in the fucking first place but I’m fucking doing it anyway because the world needs to fucking know this mindset and what fucking drives me to it and that they need to fucking steer clear of me and it’s probably more common than they fucking realize and people like me are probably fucking driven to this fucking mindset all the time and I hate fucking needing to add this fucking disclaimer to every one of these fucking posts.

And fucking “K” key.

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