Now that that’s over with…

I’m not trying the trick I used last night to post the strip again. Actually I think I got Yet Another reason I need to leave Freehostia. For a while now, for whatever reason, I think they think I have a virus or something because a lot of the images I’ve submitted – images that were created on my desktop and only ever were on my USB drive and laptop en route to their servers – have had their permissions changed so that no one can “execute” them (not the same as “read”). Execute images. It might be something having to do with FTP, I don’t know, but using the trick I tried last night I first had the FTP connection crap out on me (either I hope IE8 fixed how Windows handles uploading to FTP or Freehostia needs to fix their FTP system) then I saw that the strip had been uploaded after all but it was no good, so I uploaded it to the file manager and it seemed to work okay but I find out today that the strip image was completely missing so I had to upload it AGAIN around 7 PM. As far as I’m concerned the strip was up so I’m plowing forward.

So after the past weekend’s expletive-laden rant let’s get into details. My ideal Plan A is to work on the web site and Da Blog and everything from home, but that hasn’t been an option, for whatever reason, for nearly if not over a year. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I go to my Dad’s workplace and mooch off an Internet connection that’s not even the workplace’s. The place itself is supposed to have a connection but that hasn’t worked since virtually the instant it was instituted. So earlier this month the place I normally mooch off of decided to secure their connection, but they’re fine with me mooching off them, which would be great if my laptop could get past the “detecting network type” stage without spitting out a “network doesn’t seem to exist” error despite the fact it’s staying on the list of networks the whole time. So now BOTH my Plan B and C, accessed from the same location, aren’t working, and while both are nominally working on the problem it’s at a glacial pace (and I don’t think it’s a good idea to only have one guy who knows the security code who’s not always working there if you intend for actual patrons to use the connection) and to varying extents I get a vibe from them that it’s my problem, forcing me to use my battery for Plans D and E, which for whatever reason tend to be pretty slow, perhaps slower than normal, at least for Plan D.

On the plus side, those annoying downstairs neighbors are finally gone, so if you move in directly downstairs from me and set up an unsecured Internet connection I can use fairly reliably I’ll give you a gazillion dollars. (Gazillion dollars to be paid in varying amounts at varying intervals over whatever period of time the payer deems adequate including never.) Or at the very least you can chip in your IT expertise at Dad’s workplace or the place next door and get at least one Internet connection working enough to be useful.

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