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One of these days I’m going to stop putting these "If you meet me in real life" posts on Da Blog. Most of them, anyway.

If I have to hear someone playing music on their headphones loud enough for me to hear it anyway it drives me right up the wall. I also go crazy at having to see people’s involuntary foot vibrations even though I do it. I don’t think this sort of thing used to drive me quite […]

No sooner does Fox adopt a new graphics package…

…than it may be adopting ANOTHER one. Day 15 of the BottomLine Watch, though I haven’t actually seen ESPN so far today…

Rich probably had this strip’s title prepared before he even knew much about the circumstances.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized reunion.) The Order of the Stick – with the exception of a living Roy – is in one piece once again. The great, overriding problem driving much of the action of the current book has, at long last and at much cost and after many story […]

My departure from Irregular Webcomic may not be long in coming.

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized inverse cube law.) I’ve been waiting for nearly three weeks for some indication of exactly what happened when the universe was recreated, and I may have gotten my answer. I wondered for a while if there would be some historical “glitches” that would continue the theme of the Irregular […]

It’s Webcomic Sunday (or is it Monday?) here on Da Blog. Think of it as a makeup for the paucity of posts last week.

(From Darths and Droids. Click for full-sized stupid childish game.) I have to say, this strip caught me off-guard because I’m only used to the kiddy, making-stupid-stuff-up, “meesa” fun-loving Sally of Phantom Menace. In a sense, it’s a little odd because we haven’t seen all that much of Jar-Jar here. The last time Sally showed […]

Something I’ve been meaning to say since the news broke.

There’s been a lot that’s been said about John Madden’s retirement, and I could repeat everything that’s been said about how beloved he was (not so much in my household, but that may be because he made all the obvious things he said obvious) or his alleged man-crush on Brett Favre or his impact on […]

Sports Graphics Roundup Part II: Baseball and Other Things

We’re on Day 12 of the ESPN BottomLine Watch, and last I checked the BottomLine was still in its old ways. I wonder if anyone has a specific time that the BottomLine reverted to its old ways last Monday the 6th – I’d like to keep a running count. One reason I didn’t like being […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week, and other stuff

Remind me to come back to this website sometime and actually check out the offerings. Not the RID: So apparently Ashton Kutcher has set up a bet with CNN to see which will be the first to a million Twitter followers. Normally I wouldn’t have anything to say about it, but I was moved to […]

My revised mission statement on the global warming series

I think I’ve had an epiphany. I have a confession to make. My intent with the global warming series was that I would attract partisans on both sides to argue their points on Da Blog, using my sources and the strip as a jumping-off point. My hope was to depict an argument so complete and […]

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So for whatever reason I didn’t actually update the database for strip #448, which fortunately has nothing to do with the global warming series but which I want to stand alone and be seen anyway. So it’ll have the spotlight to itself for about six hours or more, then #449 will go up and have […]