Not a good day.

I was all set to have a mostly April Fool’s-free day. I would be spending most of my time preparing for the next epic Sandsday series. I wouldn’t get tripped up by anything today, that’s for damn sure.

Well, I’ve been dodging April Fool’s jokes left and right on the Internet, while getting bogged down in writer’s block and distractions for the series and fighting off a headache. (Right now I have two strips written and they’re probably going to get the hatchet treatment.) And I have an assignment I need to get done for tomorrow… and last night I got around to coming up for an idea for the OOTS post that doesn’t rely on following the current strips but which is going to take quite a bit of doing… and I still need to look for a job… and I’m already getting a head start on falling behind on the textbook…

Maybe I can make some incremental progress on the series while waiting to see the new OOTS strip…

You know this isn’t an April Fool’s joke because it’s an update on a previous post.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning to have more than the Random Internet Discovery today…

So Awful Announcing has an early look at the new SportsCenter graphics and intro and… it’s basically a modified version of the ESPNEWS graphics. The new intro looks rather spiffy though:

SportsCenter Opening Animation from ESPN Communications on Vimeo.

Neither AA nor ESPN’s press site has “regular” graphics for talking heads and the like, but you really have to see the graphics up close to appreciate them. There’s actually a slight parallelogram look to the Bottom Line, and some sort of beveling effect going on down there as well.

Still intend to get up early on Monday to see it in action.