Random Internet Discovery of the Week, and other stuff

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Not the RID: So apparently Ashton Kutcher has set up a bet with CNN to see which will be the first to a million Twitter followers. Normally I wouldn’t have anything to say about it, but I was moved to comment by this remark shortly after issuing the challenge:

I just think its amazing that 1 voice can now be as powerful at an entire media network. thank you twitter! / Thankyou social media. You have given an individual (all of us) the power/ truth back. That’s something to compete for!!!

Power of the individual my ass. The only reason you’ve got almost a million followers is because you’re a celebrity and you know it, Ashton. Is Ashton Kutcher blowing the lid off news stories being ignored by the mainstream media? I didn’t think so, and I doubt anyone is using social media networks for that purpose either. Instead Kutcher is “on here to connect w/ u w/ no filter“. Which is bullshit by itself, there’s no way Kutcher is getting rid of the “filter” entirely, that’s literally possible, any psychologist would tell you that, and monumentally stupid to the extent it is. It just means Kutcher handles his own image control.

(And why isn’t Britney Spears getting involved, considering where she ranks? It’s telling that the closest thing to “involvement” she has is rather corporate.)

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