Monthly Archives: May 2009

Idea to save the NHL.

I’ve heard it suggested that the reason the NHL hasn’t caught on in the South is because the kids can’t play it without any ice or snow. I personally think that’s bullshit, since I don’t think I’ve ever touched a football in my life. Maybe the NHL needs to adopt a convoluted and insane championship […]

Hope DMM didn’t break things by trying to do “IWC on a Postcard” for 2317, assuming he was trying to do so, especially right as he went on vacation…

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized charitable act.) So most of what’s happened up to this point in the Steve and Terry theme since the reboot of the universe turns out to have been an extended flashback that just ended (in what may have supposed to have been June). Which is rather interesting in terms […]

What does it say when you learn moral lessons from Xykon, and he’s RIGHT?

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized second chance(s).) Curse you, Rich Burlew. I was all set to have a nice, enjoyable weekend where I could focus on finishing off some assignments for one of my classes, and you had to go and put up this whopper last night. Uncharacteristically for this comic, […]

This might be a bad sign for Windows 7. On the other hand, IE7 was the "Vista Browser" and it kicked ass…

I was actually a little psyched to get IE8. Maybe it could fix some of the more quirky aspects of IE7, some of its slow stretches. maybe it could even keep from stopping my computer from hibernating. Well, the new “accelerators” are overrated – the people behind the sites you visit actually have to create […]

What’s the difference between About, Cast, and New Reader pages?

It’s a topic brought up by a post that seems to conflate them. To be sure, a conflation can help some to understand why they’re reading old Websnark posts where Eric Burns(-White) calls out webcartoonists that don’t have a cast page (“dude, it’s a cast page! It’s not the Great Artifact that will bring […]

You know what just occured to me?

Hey… I’m on Twitter now… a new channel to communicate with me… and a public one at that… I’m tempted to try and start up the global warming debate again I tried to start back in April, and put some of the research pressure off of me. Delusion of grandeur, or could I actually get […]

Crap. Okay, change of plans.

Should I start a new “twitter news” label? So Peter C. Hayward commented on my Twitter intro post to inform me that apparently I can’t have a post that appears in anyone’s public timeline AND is also sent as an @reply. At least, not according to the normal @reply system. So, any posts to Da […]

Sorry, advertisers, the new tweeter isn’t for you!

So I decided to take a look at my Project Wonderful account for the first time in a while because I noticed the Sandsday ad box was significantly higher than I was anticipating. The first thing I noticed was that Project Wonderful spruced things up a little while I wasn’t looking. I can login right […]

Tweet, tweet! Tweet, tweet, tweet!

The stated purpose of Twitter is to exchange answers to the question, “What are you doing?” with friends and family. There are a few obvious problems with the concept. In some sense, it’s really just a service to send a text message to a bunch of people at once, as though you couldn’t do that […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Okay, this blog has a very very weird update schedule. No posts since January 2007… and before that the last post was August 2006, and before January 2006 the last post was in 2004. Do you see why I struggle to keep this feature up?