A message to ESPN.

I am currently subscribed to this to get Bill Simmons’ columns. I’m pretty sure you can replace “Bill Simmons” with any ESPN.com writer for the below until the solution.

When ESPN redesigned their website, they changed things so those RSS feeds, instead of just pointing to the guy’s columns, points instead to the guy’s search results.

I don’t need to sit through a gazillion things that just happen to mention Simmons by name.

So I’m actually considering switching to this.

Two drawbacks:

  • I still have to sit through links to the “BS Report” podcasts, which I’m not interested in. I’m not a fan of podcasts in general, but that’s a subject for another post. Podcasts are always boring as hell for some reason, probably in part because everyone’s voices are so ordinary.
  • After making fun of Twitter in his last mailbag, Simmons has taken to Twitter like a sponge, meaning I probably have to sit through a gazillion updates every single day, way more than I’m getting from ESPN now. (This is my one major ambivalency about Twitter, which I’ll go into more detail on later this month.) But at least those updates actually come from Simmons himself instead of being “Hey, Bill Simmons said this in a column you’ve already read…” if even that.
  • Oh, one other thing. For whatever reason, links don’t work in Twitter RSS feeds.

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