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Oh, I’m close to coming up with my own solution to the draft-image-upload situation. Very close indeed.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized doors! Why did it have to be doors!) There’s… a lot of stuff going on here. There’s so much going on that I even have more titles than I know what to do with. First, a lot of the thinking I had in mind for what […]

I’m probably leaving enough clues for you to figure out what this is.

I have a number of things on my plate. I have some posts I’ve been sitting on because I’ve had more urgent things to work on in the time when I’m not completely distracted trying to catch up on feeds. I’m trying to make a big finish to make sure I pass one of my […]

Tweet-worthy comment on the Indy 500:

Helio is officially in the annals of the great open-wheel drivers evar.

This week in Questionable Corporate Decisions:

Recently I wrote a paper for my communication class on the local Tully’s, which I frequent for its Wi-Fi, as a social space. One thing I remarked on was the weird blend of easy listening and lite rock playing on the sound system. It appears they’ve switched to 90s hits. Now I find it significantly […]

A question for Twitter users.

Does Twitter allow you to change the time display so it shows the exact time a tweet was posted regardless of how recent it was, instead of “X amount of time ago”? (Geez, you’d think someone would put up a comprehensive guide to the settings screen somewhere. Maybe that means it’s really intuitive, but it […]

Hate to ruin the party, but…

Daryn Kagan via Fang’s Bites links to an “inspirational” story of a small newspaper that’s doing well in the face of a tough market for newspapers – maybe it’s a model for other local papers? – and……it’s incredibly depressing. If Fang thinks this is the way to save bigger papers, he’s incredibly naive about the […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

If I had decided exactly what strip I was running today, let alone actually made it, the strip would be posted about now. Instead it’s probably not going up until after 3 PM PT. Still no votes on the RID poll? Do you people care that little about it? Well, this is probably hardly the […]

Blog of Webcomics’ Identity Crisis: The End of “Free Content”?

A “case in point” on the thought-provoking nature of the Floating Lightbulb: Today Bengo argues that webcomickers should stop thinking of themselves as giving content away for free. He makes some good points but since he emphasizes preparing comics for later print distribution, I suspect that Scott “Infinite Canvas” McCloud would scream bloody murder at […]

On top of everything else, Draft Image Upload is STILL screwed up.

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized Swiss chocolate.) So… if the Joneses are still on their way back from the Underworld… …but at the same time are rescuing each other from the Nazis… …what impact will that have if they collide? More evidence the Irregular Crisis isn’t over yet…

I desperately need a real job, so naturally I’ve put in zero effort towards that for months.

I’m pissed at myself, I’m pissed at the library, and I’m pissed at timing. I wouldn’t ordinarily hate the University District Street Fair. I’ve strolled through it myself on occasion, taken in sights, seen and tasted interesting things. But when the vast majority of the decent Wi-Fi spaces near my house are right near the […]