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The people you meet when you Twitter.

I know, I know, follower counts are really meaningless, but it’s still exciting to see my follower count rise over 60. Yes, some of them are spammer accounts, and some are semi-automated accounts that automatically follow anyone who follows them, but there are still enough legit ones that I suspect quite a few of them, […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Is it a bad sign when (I believe) two consecutive posts are spent on the RID? Is it also a bad sign that I couldn’t think of anything else to say about this? Save the RID, please! If the current results hold – they’re currently for maintaining the status quo – I think this may […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

It’d be nice if this told you what it is before throwing you into it. The current RID poll is likely to end on Monday regardless of when it says it’s going to end, simply because the changes that will happen to Da Blog then are too major.

Say hello to the NBO!

Since the bowl contracts are coming up for renewal, here are my thoughts on a potential new bowl order. I haven’t associated any of these with bowls, just idle thoughts. Mostly based on my college football rankings and bowl-eligible teams last two years. SEC #2 v. Big 10 #2 Pac-10 #2 v. Big 12 #2 […]

Let’s play "What is Tom Hansen talking about?"

From his interview with the LA Times: It [a college football playoff] would be so negative for college football in my opinion that it just doesn’t make good sense. Including the fact it would be 16 teams, not the four that many people advocate, because politically you couldn’t stop at four, you couldn’t stop at […]

The last notice of links to Da Blog

Remember when I said the new Tweeter wasn’t for advertisers? I lied. Effective immediately, I will no longer acknowledge links to Da Blog on Da Blog. It makes me come off as desperate for attention. Instead all such notices will come only on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter if you’re an advertiser interested in knowing […]

The legacy of the 2009 NBA Finals.

Of all the Kobe Bryant-Phil Jackson titles, this one is especially special. But not because it’s Kobe’s first without Shaq. No, this title is special because it locks up Phil Jackson’s legacy. Phil Jackson now has more titles than any other coach in NBA history, even Red Auerbach, but has rarely gotten any respect for […]

I finally get to pick a fight with an established webcomicker! Because slamming Dresden Codak wasn’t as fun.

(From 8-Bit Theater. Click for full-sized inevitable hopelessness. Which is a good way of describing 8BT itself, actually.) So, it’s been long enough. After a brief stint with doing actual webcomic reviews, I got bogged down in all sorts of other stuff, and so I haven’t been doing actual webcomic posts for a while. And […]

Sorry, @RaysIndex, but you’re no better than the other roids speculators.

I’m sorry, Mr. “Professor”. But you’re reading way too much into Jon Heyman’s 2007 “does Sosa belong in the Hall?” piece if you think it makes him a hypocrite now for calling out people who baselessly speculate whether this guy or that guy is using steroids. You have to keep in mind that Heyman did not […]

Expand the Pac-10? Uh… no.

Really? You think Utah is too good for the Mountain West? That’s your real problem, isn’t it? Sorry, the reason the Pac-10 is NOT expanding anytime soon, no matter what you may want to happen, isn’t just to maintain the truthfulness of the “10” part, unlike the Big Eleven. Right now, the Pac is divided […]