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Idle musings on America’s most watched shows.

Okay, let’s see if I have this right. Ignore for a second that the Sports Business Daily has made an article available free if only briefly. This (courtesy Fang’s Bites) is a list of the highest-rated programs so far this year. The only programs to get more than 24.8 million viewers are the Oscars and […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

The world’s largest Linux ad! I may have to cut the poll short at the end of the week, and I have to say, I’m dreading the only vote I’ve gotten so far potentially being the only vote.

More on the greatest player of all time debate.

So earlier today I heard Michael Wilbon claim on PTI you have to put Federer ahead of Sampras because the tiebreaker is that Federer won the French and Sampras didn’t. Um, NO. Sampras got the same number of Grand Slams as Federer against better competition, and you can’t begrudge him never winning the French because […]

Let’s bring this guy down to earth.

I’m sorry, Mr. Perrotta. There IS debate as to whether Roger Federer is the greatest player of all time. You don’t get to cop out by saying “well, you can’t compare players of different eras”. You CAN say Federer played against inferior opposition for most of his career and never won the French when he […]

Let’s look at the big picture.

First, in order to keep Extra Innings the cable companies swung a deal that gave MLB Network wide distribution, not just on the Sports Entertainment Pack. Then, Comcast and the NFL spontaneously settled their differences out of the blue, and Comcast agreed to give the NFL Network wide distribution as well. At the same time, […]

The ideal Firefox RSS plugin. Also, why Firefox may be driving me back to IE8.

Everybody loves Firefox. It’s the best web browser in the history of history. Especially compared with IE, which sucks so badly the only reason anyone uses it at all is because it comes with Windows and the great unwashed don’t know any better. It’s the worst web browser in the history of history. But for […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Experimenting with doing this from Friendbar’s “lucky site” button. As I’ll explain in a post later today, I might not keep it up even if it works. And because it’s “a site that is popular today” I’ll be late to the party instead of “discovering” anything. Is the story in the headline – Google Analytics’ […]

A thought on the Belmont Stakes.

You may recall that before the Preakness I was wondering if I would be cursing Rachel Alexandra for skipping the Derby and ruining her own shot at a historic Triple Crown. There’s still that element with the added element of skipping the Belmont, but now I think I might be cursing her for running the […]

Now I could be wrong about the first sentence…

Weren’t ESPN The Magazine stories placed on Insider before they launched a new website with all the bells and whistles? And does this mean I have to start paying for ESPN The Magazine stories (with an Insider subscription that requires an ESPN The Mag print subscription anyway)? (I’d rather not lose Bill Simmons’ magazine columns!) […]

My mornings have become 100% unproductive even when I’m up for them. I need a starvation diet at some point.

I was all set for an incredibly productive weekend. I was going to make boatloads of headway on my backlog in my communication class. I was going to work all weekend on banging out three different papers. The amount of headway I actually made? One-third of a reading. (On the flip side, I will agree […]