The last notice of links to Da Blog

Remember when I said the new Tweeter wasn’t for advertisers? I lied.

Effective immediately, I will no longer acknowledge links to Da Blog on Da Blog. It makes me come off as desperate for attention. Instead all such notices will come only on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter if you’re an advertiser interested in knowing when I get linked to.

Now, then, here are the last two links to Da Blog you’ll find on Da Blog. First, the ArtPatient blog linked to my 8BT review and I suspect will be linking to my webcomic reviews on a fairly full-time basis from now on. Yay, an important milestone on the road to being respected as a webcomic reviewer!

Wait, what’s this? My post from yesterday is a “Related Article” “around the web” for Fanhouse’s examination of whether anyone else will win 10 NBA titles, behind only articles from SI and USA Today?


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  1. That's an interesting choice – to not have any link recognition mentions. I appreciate ArtPatient being included. Thanks!

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