My (belated) thoughts on the Erin Andrews Peep Show

I hate the sports blogosphere’s obsession with Erin Andrews. I think it’s cheap and trashy and shows an objectification of women and that Andrews doesn’t even look that great.

But guys, stand firm on your principles.

I’ve heard that several sports bloggers have called out the rest of the blogosphere for hypocrisy for criticizing the “EAPS” while making much of their traffic off pictures of Andrews.

I don’t have a problem with making a distinction between an “acceptable” form of leering and “unacceptable” forms. That’s probably going to be the second thing in a month that makes me run the risk of being flamed by feminists, but the fact is that men leering at hot chicks is as old as time, as is limits on it. That distinction, really, is everywhere in our society. As far as I’m concerned you can do whatever you want on the “right” side of the line as long as you stay on the “right” side of the line.

In fact, I’m going to go further. If I were in the position of a sports blogger who liked posting pictures of Erin Andrews, I would not have come to the sudden, shocking (SHOCKING) realization that this is WRONG and pulled back on the EA exploitation like, say, Fang’s Bites did. No, I’d keep up the EA parade at the same pace I always did.

If you’re going to decide it’s wrong to exploit male lust for hot chicks for hits, regardless of whether or not the object is okay with it as Andrews has been, then be consistent with it and maintain the policy all along. (As I do. I prefer my site to be porn for the mind. Hey, maybe that’ll be my tagline when the site relaunches: “Porn for the Mind”. I’ll get more hits than I otherwise would, certainly. Eh, maybe I’ll stick with “Ideas every day”. Even though I don’t post every day.) But you can object to Andrews being exploited in the wrong way and still continue to exploit her in the right way if you feel it’s okay. (Not that I’m precluding a legitimate change of heart here, of course.) All you have to do is make clear that you and your readers know where the line is and not to cross it.

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