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Random Internet Discovery of the Week

What’s this? The last RID was on a Friday night/early Saturday morning and now here’s another one on a Monday? Yeah, well, I kinda had a space available for two posts. Here’s my (very) tentative schedule for the remainder of the week: Tuesday: The State of Webcomics Address and an additional sports post. Wednesday: College […]

Sports journalism in an age of transition for all journalism

This is my first blog post to be republished on Bleacher Report. Hi! I’m going to bring some quirks to my writing, which I hope to (re-)introduce you to over the next few days and weeks. I just relaunched my Web site,, where I talk about a wide variety of topics, including some you […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week, and preparation for making up for lost time

Oh geez, have you guys not heard from me all WEEK?!? What a time for me to become incredibly distracted by TV Tropes and then become sick, when I still had a lot of work on the web site to do AND catch up on feeds… at this point, “Ideas Every Day” week may become […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

This week was supposed to be Ideas Every Day week on Da Blog. But it’s taking me slower than expected to set up various services. That, plus other concerns, is taking up more of my time than writing anything, or catching up on feeds. The State of Webcomics Address should be coming tomorrow, along with […]

Did I just fall into the Twilight Zone?

One minute I’m thinking Jay Glazer’s report/opinion piece predicting a Favre comeback merely reflected disgruntled Vikings who didn’t like their quarterback situation and maybe didn’t quite understand the circumstances and reasons why Favre wasn’t already there, didn’t quite understand that Favre wasn’t any ordinary free agent. I wondered if ESPN’s obsessing over the story was […]

The most important day in the history of the Morgan Wick Online Universe since the launch of Da Blog, and a day never to be matched in importance again.

The day has arrived that I knew would come ever since I launched the web site. I have moved the web site from to will be the new home for all aspects of the Morgan Wick Online Universe, from the seemingly-stalled comic strip Sandsday to the 100 Greatest Movies Project to the […]

OOTS 672: Not a montage, but the next best thing.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized metaplanets. Despite the title, this is part of the “monthly” OOTS post series.) I already had only a vague idea where OOTS would go entering the next book. The one thing that seemed certain was that the OOTS was headed for its next showdown with Team […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week and a prelude to a series of posts a year away

See, now, this was the sort of thing I had in mind when StumbleUpon allowed me to bring more specific criteria to the RID! I may have to refer back to this when it comes time to run a related series next year. And that series is hinted at in the new label. Important notice: […]

How LeBron salvaged Kobe’s reputation

I was originally saving this post for the big relaunch of the site, when I would have a week of exciting, interesting posts. Various factors have been continually pushing that back much further than I ever intended. But the relaunch should go through next weekend, sometime between the 15th and 17th, as I’m very close […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Now this is why I was optimistic about the changes in StumbleUpon getting me better RIDs! I think this is the second time in RID history I’ve been delivered to something I was already familiar with. This version is more current, but if only the poses weren’t so generic…