Random Internet Discovery of the Week

What’s this? The last RID was on a Friday night/early Saturday morning and now here’s another one on a Monday? Yeah, well, I kinda had a space available for two posts.

Here’s my (very) tentative schedule for the remainder of the week:

  • Tuesday: The State of Webcomics Address and an additional sports post.
  • Wednesday: College Football Coverage Kickoff, with the Week 1 schedule and a brand new defense of a playoff based on one or two websites I discovered earlier this year.
  • Thursday: Why YouTube will be dead before long.
  • Friday: Rethinking TV and whether we should even bother.
  • Sometime between Friday and Monday: Launch of the Morgan Wick Forum.
  • Next week: Hopefully, some more topical posts.

Sign language isn’t just for deaf people!

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