Random Internet Discovery of the Week, and preparation for making up for lost time

Oh geez, have you guys not heard from me all WEEK?!? What a time for me to become incredibly distracted by TV Tropes and then become sick, when I still had a lot of work on the web site to do AND catch up on feeds… at this point, “Ideas Every Day” week may become “Ideas Every Day” MONTH, or just a revival of my old trend of posting at least once a day every weekday, as I already have enough ideas to span nearly two weeks.

I have been doing some productive work on the site, though. One thing the site relaunch allows me to do is push specific subsections of the site onto other services; as I’ve said in the past, despite potentially splintering the audience such services are still useful for popularizing Da Blog’s content. But Da Blog is way too “general-purpose” for most of them, and on Blogger there wasn’t enough of the sense I wanted of Da Blog as a collection of sub-blogs. That’s all different now, though.

So effective immediately, and just in time for “Ideas Every Day” week or month or whatever it is, all sports posts will be republished on Bleacher Report, and all webcomics posts will be republished on Comixtalk. (The former in particular would not have been possible at all before the relaunch!) The timing’s a little off on Comixtalk, as they’ve been undergoing some problems to the effect I effectively had to lean on the site’s proprietor to get my account set up.

I also entirely expect to have the forum up and running on Monday.

So because all the TV Tropes stuff made my computer so slow, I didn’t actually do this myself

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