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College Football Schedule – Week 5

Bit of a holding pattern this week, with no real great matchups, or relatively many games at all. All times Eastern. TOP 25 GAMES Arkansas State @ #2 Iowa Noon ESPN2 Pam Ward, Ray Bentley #4 Cincinnati @ Miami (OH) 1 PM ESPN360 Jim Barbar, Bob Chmiel #5 Oklahoma @ Miami (FL) 8 PM ABC […]

2009 College Football Rankings – Week 4

It’s still way too early to know what sort of college football season we’re going to have, although it is starting to take shape. The general consensus so far seems to be that, while not quite as wild as 2007, the 2009 college football season may well be very upset-ridden… but it’s hard to know […]

Some idle football thoughts

What does losing Tim Tebow really mean for the Gators considering what they did to Kentucky regardless? What does Oregon’s win over Cal mean for how good Boise State really is and how good the Ducks could have been if LeGarrette Blount hadn’t become me a few years ago? What does it mean that the […]

Some thoughts on the infinite canvas

I haven’t done a webcomic review this week and if you haven’t been following me on Twitter you missed my Random Internet Discovery of the Week. So consider this a makeup for both. I don’t read Scott McCloud’s blog regularly, and right now I’m still leaning towards not starting. But a common topic there (and […]

College Football Schedule – Week 4

We unveiled the first edition of the college football rankings earlier this week; now time for the newly rankified version of the schedule. Rankings are from my college football rankings; asterisks still denote lineal title holders. All times Eastern. TOP 25 GAMES  Fresno State  @  #1 Cincinnati Noon  B.E. Network  Mike Gleason, John Congemi, Quint […]

What the Colts winning on Monday night despite a 3-to-1 time of possession disadvantage tells us:

Something I’ve figured for a while, and never 100% gotten about NFL conventional wisdom: Time of possession doesn’t mean as much as you think it does. Having a low time of possession could mean that you’re not moving the ball and getting first downs as much as the other team… or it could mean you’re […]

2009 College Football Rankings – Week 3

Finally, it’s time to unveil this year’s edition of the college football rankings! I explain the formula behind the C Ratings, designed to factor in both margin of victory and strength of schedule in a sane fashion, in more detail here; an abbreviated version is below. The basic principle is that margin of victory and […]

This Week In Lineal Titles

What’s more fun than having Final Four-style brackets for everything? Having boxing-style heavyweight champions for everything! Hence, my college football and NFL lineal titles, and this was a surprisingly eventful week for them. Florida was the only champion to hold on to its title this week, although it came away with a narrow escape against […]

Ladies and gentlemen, every mediocre webcomic cliche in one comic, minus the geeky ones!

(From Scary Go Round. Click for full-sized goodbye.) There is one reason and one reason only I am reviewing Scary Go Round, and that’s because it just ended, and as such I review it right now or not at all. By putting this out this late in the week, nearly a week after the last […]

College Football Schedule: Week 3

First edition of the Rankings next week, as soon as Monday! All times Eastern. LINEAL TITLES (ALL GAMES ON SATURDAY) Tennessee @ *Florida 3:30 CBS Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson, Tracy Wolfson *Utah @ Oregon 3:30 ESPN Ron Franklin, Ed Cunningham THIS WEEK’S OTHER HD GAMES Georgia Tech @ Miami (FL) 7:30 TH ESPN Chris Fowler, […]