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Three Questions for Three Football Games This Week

The Pittsburgh Steelers eked out a win in a hard-fought game against the Titans in the NFL’s Kickoff Game, but lost Troy Polamalu for several weeks; in a battle of defenses against the Bears this week, how far back could that set the Steelers? Florida showed it could knock around an FBS team the same […]

Forum Launch Prelude

The forum software I want to use is driving me absolutely bonkers for style customization to the point I can’t even think straight about the process, so as a prelude to actually linking to and unveiling the site, I’m leaving this an open thread for features you want to have the forum to have when […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

I swear moving the RID to Mondays isn’t going to be a permanent thing. I still need a little more time to put up the forums, just to finalize the rules I’m going to propose at the start. That and a webcomic review will both be coming Tuesday. I didn’t bother to read all the […]

I like a la carte too, but let’s not get too excited.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a bit of a debate raging on a la carte television – allowing you, the cable television consumer, to pay for only the channels you’re actually interested in watching. Consumer groups like it, because it saves the consumer money, but the cable channels don’t, because small cable […]

My Evolving Take on the Debate on a College Football Playoff Part IV: The Effect of a Playoff on the Traditions, the Players, and the Schools: Issues Not Directly Related to the Preceding Ones

Protect the sanctity of the bowls! With the bowls, we have 34 winners at the end of the season, not 1! In recent days we’ve been looking at the more meta-level issues surrounding a playoff and asking questions on the meaning of the regular season and of a championship in all of sports (here’s Part […]

College Football Schedule – Week 2

All times Eastern. LINEAL TITLES (ALL GAMES ON SATURDAY) Troy @ *Florida Noon SEC Network Dave Neal, Andre Ware, Cara Capuano *Utah @ San Jose State 10:30 ESPNU Carter Blackburn, JC Pearson THIS WEEK’S OTHER HD GAMES Clemson @ Georgia Tech 7 PM TH ESPN Chris Fowler, Jesse Palmer,Craig James, Erin Andrews Colorado @ Toledo […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

For entertainment value, I’d have to give this anti-Christianity screed a C+ for effort. Pretty much the entire first half sticks to a single theme, which makes it seem repetitive compared to the second half.

My Evolving Take on the Debate on a College Football Playoff Part III: Concluding Thoughts on the Competitive Aspect of a Playoff

Yesterday I said: The example of Miami and Florida State (in 2000) shows that college football can’t rank every single team based on their record. Despite the complaints about how unfair it is that non-BCS teams have no shot at the national championship, no person in their right mind that’s not a Mountain West or […]

My Evolving Take on the Debate on a College Football Playoff Part II: The Effect of a Playoff on the Games and Schedules

We’re using Ed Gunther’s analysis of the debate on a college football playoff as a framework to present my own analysis and opinions. In Part I I explained some of the history behind how we got where we are, and used mathematical analysis to show not only that a playoff wouldn’t make college football’s regular […]

The closest I’m going to come to an NFL season preview

I mentioned my college football lineal titles last week and again in today’s Part I on the college football playoff debate. Well, I’ve also exhaustively researched an NFL lineal title. The NFL lineal title only splits when the current title holder doesn’t make the playoffs, and with the NFL’s balanced schedule, splits are rare. The […]