Why “Lists” are my Favorite New Twitter Feature

My first reaction upon learning of Twitter’s new “Lists” feature was “What the hell would the point of that be?” It seemed like a needless gimmick that didn’t really necessarily add anything to the Twitter experience.

When I entered the list-access group, and started to explore what lists were really like, I realized that not only were lists substantially more useful than I had supposed, Twitter had seemingly read my mind. If you’ve ever had or at least considered or heard of a stereotype of men as sorters and categorizers obsessed with organization, you’re talking about me. (Not that it helps me with physical things, like my bedroom, mind.) The Lists feature seemingly anticipated projects I had been considering involving creating a one-place resource for tweeters or even web sites in specific categories.

Now, to attempt to find all the tweeters in a given category would involve an insane amount of work, and I can’t create more than 20 lists anyway to cover all the categories I’d like to cover. Nonetheless, I’ve spent the past week (meaning “more time than I should have over the past week”) tracking down as many tweeters in the categories I was most interested in as I could. But I still need your help, so tweet me if you have a like-minded list. (One particular idea I’m interested in is at the end of this post.) Also tweet me if you know of any tweeters in any category I’ve left out – if I was the one who created the list. (Thanks to Listorious for many of the lists that aren’t mine.)

I’m also looking for Twitter lists for news for particular metropolitan areas – as I’ve said in the past, I’m fascinated by the centrality of cities in America. I can’t possibly handle all such lists myself, so I need you to create lists for your hometown containing ONLY:

  • All major TV news operations’ tweeters (for Seattle, that would be @komonews, @KING5Seattle, @NWCN, @KIRO7Seattle, and @Q13FOX)
  • All local newspapers’ tweeters (at least @seattletimes, for example)
  • News radio stations (@973kiro and @komonewsradio

In addition, I’d like city-by-city sports tweeters containing ONLY:

  • Every team’s OFFICIAL Twitter account
  • Every sports news tweeter that’s a spinoff of the news tweeters above
  • Every regional sports network
  • Every sports radio station

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