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Random Internet Discovery of the Week

I’m in yet another TV Tropes Madness mode, so I didn’t bother to watch this, but suffice to say, where there are chimps, the Internet will be there.

Reason #5743 why this HP netbook sucks:

Sometimes, when I select something, it will keep the mouse button held a split-second too long, re-selecting something once I start typing and replacing more than I intended.

The return of the Random Internet Discovery of the Week!

I’m going to try to get back to saying say more about the RIDs, but I don’t know if there’s much that I can or should say about a communist-anarchist that sounds at first glance to be advocating a Hobbesian state of nature…

2010 Golden Bowl: TCU v. Alabama

Golden Bowl II: #6 TCU v. #1 Alabama TCU can’t beat Alabama. The Rose Bowl was the real national championship game. Sure, TCU looked impressive beating the tournament’s #2 seed, and are playing closer to home, but TCU is TCU and Alabama is Alabama. Alabama has the Heisman trophy winner and NFL talent up and […]

Idle notes about myself.

One of these days, I may just bite the bullet and get a subscription to the Atlantic. This article does not mention Asperger’s syndrome directly, but it does make me a lot more confident than I used to be about the “Darwinist” theory on the rise of Asperger’s… as well as other neurological “disorders”. It […]

The Top 12 Games of the Last Decade

To see this list with pretty pictures, read it on Bleacher Report. So it seems that, for the last month or so, everyone has been doing their “best of the decade” post-mortems. Seems everyone has forgotten all the hoopla and nonsense about how 2000 wasn’t really the start of a new millennium because there wasn’t […]

Defending the Current Rooney Rule

There’s a lot of complaining about NFL teams trying to circumvent the Rooney Rule by making token interviews with potential black coaches and then hiring the guy they wanted to hire all along, and I want to take a few moments to set the record straight. In the past, the main defense of this practice […]

Why the firing of Jim Mora proves the Seahawks will always be mediocre under either the new GM, or Paul Allen’s ownership.

The Seahawks had a bad season. But their record wasn’t any worse than the Browns who could very easily make the playoffs next year the way they ended this year. Regardless, you can’t say Jim Mora deserved to be fired on his own merits after one season. A team really needs to tank to justify […]

Predictions for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s selections are performed by a panel of 44 leading NFL media members including representatives of all 32 NFL teams, a representative of the Pro Football Writers of America, and 11 at-large writers. The panel has selected a list of 15 finalists from the modern era, defined as playing all […]

2009 Golden Bowl Tournament: Sugar Bowl Semifinal

Sugar Bowl: #6 TCU v. #2 Cincinnati In real life, the impact of this game, as the “non-traditional” championship game compared to the “traditionalist” Rose Bowl, has been blunted by both teams losing their bowl games. And since TCU beat Florida (in the quarters), who beat Cincinnati (in real life), it would seem to suggest […]