Monthly Archives: January 2010

The AFC Wild Card Race As I See It

I’ve hand-researched all the tiebreakers and, so far as I can tell, here is what each team needs to have happen to get in, simplified to be as easy to understand as possible, with some possible errors. This does not reflect seeding, though teams at 8-7 are ranked in rough seed order. The Jaguars would […]

Revisiting Da Blog’s 2009 Predictions

One year ago, I gave you my predictions for the year ahead, and for years to come. How did I do? Let’s take a look: The year in sports is a massive disappointment. Not really. I predicted a Dolphins-Vikings Super Bowl, and we did get one team that wasn’t exactly a “name” team, and the […]

2009 Golden Bowl Tournament Quarterfinals

#8 Miami (FL) v. #1 Alabama Mark Ingram showed everyone why he won the Heisman four minutes into the game when he broke out a 71-yard touchdown run. But that seemed to be the exception and not the rule. Jacory Harris was six-for-six on the ensuing drive and got the Hurricanes close enough for a […]