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Blogging the Lesser Tournaments IV: The Slipper Still Fits the Tar Heels

As it turned out, the game of the NIT quarterfinals was the game that was already over by the time I posted my last look at the lesser tournaments. Texas Tech missed game-winning shots at the end of regulation and the first overtime, and Ole Miss…didn’t, driving the length of the floor in five seconds […]

Blogging the Lesser Tournaments III: The CBI’s Revenge

The NIT quarterfinals are already underway, kicking off with Texas Tech playing Ole Miss. Tech would probably be the story of the NIT if they made the Final Four. In some ways they’re a little like Northern Iowa, but different. Tech already proved they were good by beating a fringe at-large contender, Seton Hall, in […]

Blogging the Lesser Tournaments II: The Madness Before the Madness

March Madness started well before Thursday. While the NCAA Tournament took its leisurely time with a play-in game before the real fun started yesterday, the NIT, CBI, and CIT have been blitzing through their first rounds; the last game of the CIT’s first round was yesterday, between Southern Miss and Louisiana Tech, while the NIT […]

Oh, right, that other tournament…

My fourth annual NCAA Tournament bracket can be seen here. A Kansas-Ohio State Elite Eight could be an effective national championship game, but I’m picking the third time being the charm for Kansas State and West Virginia winning the national championship after one of the wildest tournaments in recent memory. West Virginia will be more […]

Blogging the Lesser Tournaments I: Pick Your Tourney

We don’t need to expand the NCAA Tournament, and we sure as hell shouldn’t. The college basketball regular season is plenty meaningful, and even at the end of the bubble, the NCAA Tournament only selects the elite teams. (Okay, maybe not so much this year. But don’t believe the hype about the NCAA being forced […]

A LONG-overdue sports graphics roundup.

When was the last time we had a sports graphics roundup, July? We’re very overdue for one, especially considering some major developments in the world of sports graphics in the interim… I had to go outside this country, but I did eventually find a video that had Versus’ IndyCar graphics:I have to say, while I […]

Why Jay Wright is wildly out of touch with the real issues surrounding tournament expansion.

Did I hear Jay Wright give completely backwards priorities in defending an expanded NCAA tournament yesterday on PTI? “There are so many good teams that are not getting into this tournament,” Wright said. “In college football, close to 50% of the teams go to bowl games, and they’re rewarded for a great season. In college […]

Why expanding the NCAA tournament field would be an even bigger mistake than anyone realizes.

This is an intervention. As a college football guy, I cannot stand idly by while the NCAA ruins not only perhaps the best tournament in all of sports, but secretly, one of the most meaningful, and in the process prove that college football playoff critics are right when they claim that any playoff would inevitably […]