Monthly Archives: August 2010

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me…

I’ve never really been one of those to hide their identity online. I’ve always been very (sometimes brutally) open and honest about who I am and what I’m like. I’ve always supported accountability on the Internet and not hiding behind anonymity. So I thought I should put a face to what I post here. This […]

Sports graphics: Baseball, ESPN, Golf, and other things

Getting this out of the way before the NFL preseason starts in earnest: A new element is all the rage in baseball graphics, pioneered by YES Network, with NESN changing its graphics shortly into the season to accommodate it, and starting to make appearances on ESPN. If the experiences of YES and NESN are any […]

Why replay wouldn’t have fixed the controversial foul ball call in Thursday’s Phillies-Marlins game

Bob Davidson’s controversial call in Thursday’s Phillies-Marlins game, depriving the Marlins of the potential game-winning run, has sparked yet another round of calls for baseball to adopt instant replay, even among Phillies fans… except there was nothing replay could have done in this instance, and not just because there wasn’t a camera in proper position […]