Long live social media, king of the Internet!

All right. I’m making my deal with the social media devil.

In preparation for the new series starting later today, there will now be an insane collection of sharing buttons on every post on Da Blog, powered by ShareThis. We have Facebook, we have Twitter, we have MySpace, we have Digg, we have more ways of sharing all the brilliant thoughts on Da Blog than you can shake a stick at. We probably have more than can fit on one line on the screen. Don’t have your favorite obscure social networking site? Let me know and I’ll look to see if I can add it. I want all my bases covered. I want as much of the power of the social network on my side as possible.

Well, and I like the visual of all the social networking icons all in a row with different numbers of shares. Though it would be better if more than just Facebook and Twitter were rendered in their own styles. And if tooltips popped up in case you didn’t recognize a site. (Most sites’ buttons should now have clues to their identity.)

Oh, and I finally got rid of the repeating effect on the header image. It’s weird: on my old laptop, I didn’t see it and I don’t think I thought it was ever going to be an issue, but on my new laptop, which supposedly uses the same resolution, I do.

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