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(From The Order Of The Stick. Click for full-sized protected speech.) OOTS fans are known (at least among their own kind) for how speculation-happy they are, so it’s a rare treat when Rich manages to pull a twist that catches everyone off-guard. Simply put, no one expected Zz’dtri to come back after Vaarsuvius called him […]

Rich Burlew will NOT be upstaged by some random Australian guy!

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized champion.) Dammit, Rich, stop confirming wild forum theories, you just encourage more and wilder theories. As with “the white-haired guy in prison is really Ian“, I’d dismissed the theories proposing that the “champion” Roy had to face in the arena was actually Thog – half the […]

One problem with the multi-comic setup: The only major development since my last post has been Fireballs explaining the situation with Me, who then got recruited by the Halley-Newton group. Oh, and Shakespeare got involved.

(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized potato salad.) Few webcomics have the balls to spring a twist so huge on their audience it forces them to reassess everything they’ve been through before. So give some credit to Irregular Webcomic! and its Cliffhangers theme, which used the occasion of its 3000th comic to drop an absolute […]

Catching up with sports graphics in the NFL and more

Well, if I put this off any longer than I already have, I’ll have to include baseball graphics and that means dealing with MLB Advanced Media not knowing how the Internet works, so: Back in 2003, Fox introduced something new to their NFL score banner: rather than represent teams with abbreviations, Fox represented them solely […]