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Unless the event from my last post wasn’t what we thought, how did Riff make these RECAPs?

(From Sluggy Freelance. Click for full-sized R.E.C.A.P.) After Zoe was revealed not to be dead, but to be burned to within an inch of her life, I read a theory on TV Tropes that Pete Abrams’ original plan was to outright kill her (as had been foreshadowed for a LONG time), but after fan outcry […]

Hey, if I do like Robert A. Howard and post semi-regularly on just the comics I read, I only need to do a new full review once a month or so. If I read as many as he does, that is.

(From Irregular Webcomic: Shakespeare. Click for full-sized star-crossed lovers.) This comic is not really as impactful as it should be. Pre-Irregular Crisis, it had been hinted that Ophelia had a thing for Shakespeare (especially during Loren Ipsum’s original story arc), but aside from a bit immediately following the reboot of the universe regarding Ophelia breaking […]

At least she doesn’t need to flash him anymore.

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full-sized white lantern ring.) I’ve been intrigued by Ctrl+Alt+Del‘s development over the past couple years (most of which I missed). I’ll have more to say about it later, but Tim Buckley has apparently decided to back away from the OMG HUGE CHANGES that were inflicted on the comic in 2008 and […]

Now Websnark’s back too, so it’s 2009 all over again!

(From Sluggy Freelance. Click for full-sized epiphanies.) Over two years ago, during my previous webcomic-reviewing existence, I reviewed Sluggy Freelance, an occasion I took more to bash Pete Abrams for his refusal to throw any but the tiniest of bones to new readers of one of the oldest webcomics on the Internet. I decided that […]

On Mary Sues and spoony bards

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized make-out session.) The concept of the Mary Sue used to be so simple. Way back in the days of yore known as “the 1980s”, when the Web was but a gleam in the eye of a few idealists and, as far as those few people who […]

Let the sports television wars begin!

Over the last few months, the first shots have been fired in a multi-million-dollar war for control over the sports television landscape. For the past decade, if not the past two decades, ESPN has controlled this ground, at least on the cable side, leveraging its strong portfolio of rights across multiple sports to build the […]

The most pivotal week in the history of webcomics

I’m slowly working my way back to doing regular webcomic reviews – look for some down the pike, starting with a review of Comixtalk, once I finish my studies for the quarter – and not a moment too soon. We’re in a heady period for webcomics, a turning point in their development. This has been […]

What DC Comics’ revamp really means

This may be a two-part post, though the second part probably won’t be under the “webcomics” heading. If you’re not familiar with comics history, get a crash course before continuing with Part II of “Webcomics’ Identity Crisis”. This September, DC will effectively reboot its entire universe (well, not really – more on that in a […]