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A modest proposal for college football

So earlier today I posted that college football needed to reconcile its desire to keep making money with its desire to maintain the notion of amateurism. College football could go all-in and become an explicitly for-profit enterprise, or it could take some drastic steps to reclaim the notion of amateurism, but it couldn’t continue to […]

College football’s moment of truth

College football needs to make a conscious decision about what it wants to be, a decision it should have made a long time ago. It can attempt to reclaim the notion of showcasing students who happen to play football, or it can embrace its current popularity and become the NFL’s developmental league, with teams effectively […]

NFL Schedule: Week 4

Can someone explain to me why the Bears are 6½-point favorites over the Panthers? This is the Panthers team with the guy who captivated everyone with his offensive performances the first two weeks, right? And this is the Bears team that’s been hugely disappointing through three weeks, right? Same with the Eagles being 8½-point favorites […]

On the modern Ring of Gyges

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized influence.) Rich rarely makes huge storytelling blunders, a result of how straightforward the comic’s art style forces his storytelling to be, but this comic contains a pretty big one. In the midst of Belkar dealing with Mr. Scruffy’s injury, we get a random panel showing Enor […]

NFL Schedule: Week 3

After seeing how the inclusion of records looked last week, I’ve decided to include’s consensus power rankings. Also, I found out that Westwood One is not the only game in town when it comes to Sunday afternoon NFL games, and have adjusted the former “WW1?” column accordingly. It now reads “NTR”, for “National Terrestrial […]

Simulated Experts’ Fantasy League: Week 2 Recap

Despite having the same number of players in play, an hour into the early games Commissioner’s Favorite and Takedown Glaze had substantial leads over Worldwide Leaders and Politically Incorrect respectively. Both teams were admittedly propelled by their defenses, but RTFS had their defense in play as well. It wasn’t until after an hour of play […]

Just as soon as I got back to them…

…full-fledged webcomics reviews may be going back on the back burner for the foreseeable future. I have a large backlog of posts I intended to get done over the summer, mostly sports-related, that I wanted to get as much of done as possible BEFORE school started. That… didn’t quite happen. I also just hit two […]

Simulated Experts’ Fantasy League: Week 1 Recap

I’ve firmed up the regular season schedule: NFL v. FLEA, PROS v. ESPN, RTFS v. CBS, KFFL v. FOX, FFTB v. YHOO, USAT v. SI ESPN v. NFL, FLEA v. USAT, SI v. FFTB, YHOO v. KFFL, FOX v. RTFS, CBS v. PROS NFL v. CBS, PROS v. FOX, RTFS v. YHOO, KFFL v. SI, […]

NFL Schedule: Week 2

I realized that last week’s schedule wasn’t given the Blog News tag, so… yeah, we’re doing this now. Check the Week 1 schedule for explanations. One change from last week: I’m now getting betting lines from, which was my intention from the start, but it wasn’t available last week. The main benefit, ultimately, is […]

Cleaning up some notes on the sports television wars

So I made a big deal about the new Thursday Night Football contract coming down later this month, and it came out today that it’s probably not happening by the end of the year at least. Not that my post was completely useless, as it may well still happen in time to show up on […]