Monthly Archives: September 2011

NFL Schedule: Week 1

This is a new feature I’m trying out that will undoubtedly suck up all of my time: the NFL schedule for each week, with all the information you could possibly want, including DirecTV Sunday Ticket channel numbers, announcers from Awful Announcing, and coverage maps from (Click the network logo for the coverage map.) Teams […]

The Simulated Experts’ Fantasy League

Way back in 2007, during the very first year of Da Blog, I flirted with holding a simulated fantasy league to find out which site had the best experts, even going so far as holding a draft before the combined stress of that and counting up points by hand in Excel (good luck finding a […]

Handicapping the Thursday Night Football race

Good news: We’re not getting an 18-game schedule! If that’s the bad news for the NFL, here’s the good news: They’re going to take Thursday Night Football full-season! Back in 2006, the NFL surprised many observers by putting a slate of late-season Thursday night games on its own NFL Network, rebuffing offers from other cable […]

How weird is IWC? I saw this coming by the second panel.

(From Irregular Webcomic: Steve and Terry. Click for full-sized talentlessness.) So earlier this week I tweeted how weird it was that Steve was about to become Hitler. As it turns out, I wouldn’t know weird if it held me down and beat me up for my lunch money. Here’s the funny thing: It wouldn’t be […]

The PGA TOUR re-ups with CBS and NBC

I almost feel like this was a formality, as it only brings the broadcast rights to expire at the same time as the existing Golf Channel deal. ESPN’s alleged quest to kill sports on ABC probably took that network out of the running, and golf will never, ever be on Fox. But it does take […]