It’s the final countdown! Do-do-do-do!

No matter when a fixed date is, you can count down to it.

There’s something I find fascinating about this. You can count down to this moment, or that moment, or the moment a few moments from now. Once one moment passes and the countdown runs out on it, there’s another moment you can count down to. You can count down to a moment a few seconds from now, or a few years from now. Given the chance, I’d count down to anything and everything, and just stare at my computer watching it count down.

Back when I was on Blogger, I had a section of the site called “Da Countdown”, which occasionally counted down to fixed events like the Super Bowl, but more often tended to count down to events on Da Blog itself. One thing I didn’t like about it was the inability to count down to more than one event, but trying to get the countdowns I found to work with Blogger was like pulling teeth. (Which coincidentially, is happening to me later this week…) In particular, the script I really wanted didn’t work at all.

I’ve been meaning to revive Da Countdown ever since I moved to the new site, and now, that’s exactly what I’ve done, exploiting my fascination with something else: the regularity of certain recurring dates, and just how far in advance some dates can be fixed. It’s a sports-heavy (and American-heavy) list with a few awards shows and other things, including every single week of next NFL season. Let me know if I’m missing something big enough to make the list (and whose next date is known).

The script I’m using isn’t perfect – I’d like to be able to drop leading zeroes on the minutes, and eventually the minutes themselves, only when the hours are 0, and I have to repeat the same long list of meta tags at the top of the page for every single countdown, without any line breaks because WordPress will interpret them as actual line breaks – but it does what I need it to. And yes, I know there are over a hundred items on there and the page may take forever to load.

I’m also reviving Da Countdown on the sidebar as well; it will default to the next event on the page, but I’ll also use it for certain less important events, especially those revolving around the site itself.

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