Monthly Archives: January 2012

Yes, the launch of the forum is not a mirage!

Several web-watchers have wondered if the forum is obsolete. We live in an age of blogs and Facebook, where everyone and their mother can voice their opinions for the world. The forum is less necessary now, when it was the primary way for people to express their opinions. Color me unconvinced. Blogs and social media […]

An Early-Week Super Bowl Preview

Median Expected Score Giants 26 Patriots 29 Four years later, they meet again. The last time these teams did this it resulted in one of the best Super Bowls of all time, and quite possibly the best game of the entire last decade. Can the rematch live up to the original? Probably not. Last time, […]

Quick sports graphics update

Two new developments and something I forgot from last time add up to a short new sports graphics update. I have to say, I’m not a fan of NBC’s new post-relaunch graphics package, which looks really bulky and amateur. It almost looks more designed for Comcast SportsNet’s purposes than anything else. The text is off-center […]

Update on the site

There is no change in the status for the Sports and Webcomics subsites. I had an idea for how to fix it but quickly realized I didn’t know nearly enough about coding WordPress plugins to pull it off. For the time being, the way it works now works well enough for me, even though I […]

Rich’s Kickstarter became the most-funded Kickstart in the history of the comics category. In two days.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized perfect crime.) As with Homestuck, it takes a lot of doing for me to post on the same comic twice, and the previous strip certainly ranks high on the list of OOTS strips that would qualify if any did. In this case, after giving myself a […]

The Breeder’s Cup moves to NBC – what it means to all parties

A while back we started getting TVG network on our digital package. There was a time when I would flip on the channel and become addicted for hours at a time watching races I knew nothing about until ten minutes before post time and didn’t care about. Granted, it was probably because of how fast […]

Also, contribute to Rich’s Kickstarter drive, and hasten the day I get any collections of the online comics other than the first. If I had money, I’d contribute just to get the bonus story.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized puppet strings.) This comic would have warranted a post even considering all the knowledge already out there. For someone who hadn’t read the Start of Darkness prequel or any synopses of its events (a group that apparently includes Gary “Fleen” Tyrell)? I’d have to imagine they’d […]

From an example of congressional bipartisanship (SOPA) to an example of ideological bipartisanship.

Our school’s library gets a lot of magazines, and occasionally I take a peek at them. Over the past few months, the National Review – the United States’ conservative magazine of record – has published stories with, essentially, the following messages: “Hey, you know, maybe those Occupy Wall Street guys have a point, maybe these […]

Da Blog is back, baby!

Well, I can’t say this was the happiest 36 hours Da Blog has ever had. First, I found out I’d deleted the plugin I’d used when first setting up Da Blog to hide it from public view, and couldn’t find it again. Then I downloaded a plugin that just coughed up a 503 error whenever […]

Programming Note

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized blackout.) I had heard of SOPA before today’s protests thereof, but I generally don’t like jumping to conclusions and following whatever people tell me I should think. Nonetheless, in light of current events, next week will see a special four-part series on the future of content. Some […]