Getting serious about Da Blog and Da Streak

How serious am I about continuing the post-every-day streak? I’m adopting a buffer for posts.

There’s another new segment on the sidebar that will show how many days in advance I have posts in the pipe. For the moment, I have posts through next week: a post to include the MXS for the divisional games Friday, then the College Football Rankings, another sports graphics roundup, a quick observation, and at some point, an OOTS post, plus a full-fledged preview of the conference championship games. I intend to have posts going by the end of this month that will last me all of next month, and there will be a post to introduce that project on the 23rd, continuing the streak another day. And, on top of that, I hope to finally launch the forum by then, admittedly a lofty goal, but potentially bumping one of next week’s posts to the week after that.

Because I’m using the countdown script, the sidebar will include weekends and will be set for the day after the last post I have in the buffer so the day count will be accurate. For the most part, ignore the actual time except in terms of how much time I might have in the day to actually continue the streak.

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