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The Future of Content, Part I: How We Got Here, and Where We’re Going

One thing the recent brouhaha over SOPA has done is raise awareness of the entertainment industry’s long-standing efforts to line their pockets by restricting what everyone else can do on the Internet, a practice in place long before anyone had even heard of SOPA, as anyone familiar with the term “DRM” knows all too well. […]

Best friends ’till the end…

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized lactose intolerance.) It wasn’t that long ago that Belkar and Vaarsuvius hated each other probably more than any other two members of the Order of the Stick. And by “it wasn’t that long ago”, I mean “back when V’s domination of Yukyuk started“. It’s one thing […]

CAA Shacks Up with NBC Sports Network

This is just a quick little post to make sure I continue The Streak into tomorrow. Normally I doubt this would deserve a post entirely its own. However, I wanted to note that this is very good news for the CAA, which is one of the better mid-major conferences in basketball, if not quite on […]

The Future of Content: Prologue

This may be shaping up to be the Year of the Kickstarter. The Elevation Dock is about to end its run with over 1.3 million dollars collected, 17.5 times what they initially set as their goal. No other project in Kickstarter history ever even broke a million. The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive demolished […]

Schedule update

Even though I finally got to the point where most of Part I of the Future of Content is written, in all likelihood I won’t be publishing it any earlier than Tuesday, and possibly a week later. If it happens a week later, it’ll be because I spend next week on a project I’m really […]

The REAL calm before the storm. Hopefully.

I’ve already gotten tired of Da Countdown, and I think I was already starting to get tired while I was still setting it up. It works a lot better in Excel, not so much when I have to wade through a morass of meta tags, and change the ID on each one every time a […]

I have something original and interesting to say about the OOTS Kickstarter for once!

You want to know what the most astounding thing is about the ongoing Order of the Stick Kickstarter? It’s not the sheer amount of money raised – over half a million and still going strong. It’s the fact that this is a reprint drive. All six of the books being reprinted as part of this […]

2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Watch – The Top 50 Active Resumes

Surefire first-ballot players: QB Peyton Manning QB Tom Brady LB Ray Lewis No one else has been quite as productive for so long as these three. I can’t imagine this is the end of the line for Manning, partly because he just has to play one game to reset the clock, partly because of who […]

What does the NFL Network’s expanded schedule mean for the NFL’s efforts to sell some of it?

Roger Goodell’s announcement at his Super Bowl press conference that the NFL Network would get an expanded slate of primetime games isn’t really new news by itself. But when the NFL first announced that the NFLN would get this slate, it sounded like they would get 10-12 games, which allowed for speculation that the NFL […]

I think I know what birthday money I get that’s left over after school books will be spent on.

As a relatively recent but what I would still consider “longtime” fan of The Order of the Stick (four years, since a little after the 500th comic), I wish I had something new to say about the astonishing success of Rich’s Kickstarter effort to reprint his compilation and prequel books, which has, within two weeks […]