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Someone tell me where the problem lies here:

I do a fresh boot of my computer from the beginning, not bringing it back from hibernate. Upon booting, Windows pops up a “User Access Control” or somesuch message asking me if the Java installer can make changes to my computer. I am on a network that works by redirecting every page I try to […]

The local sports television wars

Part of the reason why Fox may be considering launching a national general sports network and competing more head-on with ESPN may be because they know all too well what ESPN could go through if they, or anyone else, succeed. One of the more underreported stories of recent years has been the slippage of Fox’s […]

Say hello to the Fox Sports Network?

ESPN has been doing everything in its power to keep NBC from becoming a competitor for their sports hegemony, and they haven’t been above making enemy-of-my-enemy arrangements with Fox to do so. They tag-teamed with Fox last year to keep the rights to the Pac-12 out of NBC’s hands, and they recently signed a joint […]

Update on the current situation

I swear I haven’t up and decided to render The Streak meaningless by continuing it with a bunch of contentless posts. I do intend to start one of the better series I’ve planned for Da Blog, but the new quarter just started and I might be getting myself heavily involved in it. I have every […]

Kickstarter Feature Jeopardized

The method I had been using to keep track of all the highest-earning Kickstarters, both for the weekly Kickstarter posts and for a Google Docs spreadsheet of my own I was considering making public, no longer seems to be working. I will consider finding another method, but it may be unable to catch Kickstarters that […]

The 2012 Mid-Major Conference

Refer to this post if you don’t know what this is about or to catch up on the rules. This year, six conferences produced multiple bids to the NCAA Tournament: the MWC, A-10, West Coast, C-USA, MAAC, and MVC. These conferences are guaranteed one spot each in the Mid-Major Conference. Two teams reached the Sweet […]

Don’t worry, I’ll have a less lame excuse to continue the streak tomorrow. Look for an MSPA post, god willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

(From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Click for full-sized dick facts.) At some point this year, I fully intend to do a full review of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Most of the time, I would probably describe it as a modern version of The Far Side, with more off-color humor. This comic, though, I would probably […]

A quick teaser. OK, a lame excuse to continue the streak.

I had Big Plans for this week. I was going to get Stuff Done, start writing a series of posts for next week or the week after that could really build some momentum for the site, maybe not finish it but build enough momentum to carry me through into the new quarter. And I certainly […]

For @PTI and @RealMikeWilbon: The Case Against Hines Ward for the Hall of Fame

So I don’t know if you heard (apparently some guy named Manning was also in the news today), but Hines Ward has officially called it a career. As the relationship between Ward and the Steelers slowly sputtered to an end over the winter, every time it was brought up on Pardon the Interruption Tony and […]

This Week in Kickstarter #5

The HuMn Wallet? FrackNation? David Lynch Documentary? Child’s play. Meet the real poster child for the Double Fine effect: Wasteland 2. In its origins, it’s rather similar to Double Fine, this time being a sequel to the forerunner to the Fallout games, complete with a whopping $900,000 goal, a mark that, not that long ago, […]