A quick teaser. OK, a lame excuse to continue the streak.

I had Big Plans for this week. I was going to get Stuff Done, start writing a series of posts for next week or the week after that could really build some momentum for the site, maybe not finish it but build enough momentum to carry me through into the new quarter. And I certainly wasn’t going to let an assignment for class ruin my spring break and carry it down to the wire.

An assignment for class ruined my spring break and had to be carried down to the wire.

I still intend to get the series going, but I may get very little out of the way this week. I’m venturing back into politics for this one, much like I did four years ago, but this one will be a little less insane and substantially more stretched out. Basically, it’s the reason I’ve been committed to the Streak to begin with. One problem: It’s been so long since I had the idea I’m no longer certain what my original plans for it were. I have other ideas that could rejuvenate the site as well.

As for this week? Well, you might be able to expect an MSPA post Thursday…but Friday is anyone’s guess.

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