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The Future of Content, Part IV: The Home of the Future

I’d previously claimed that in a few decades, TV as we know it may become a thing of the past. But it’s possible that what may really become a thing of the past is the desktop computer. Already laptops serve many of the same purposes for a lot cheaper and with a lot more portability, […]

My One-Month Review of HDTV

I finally joined the twenty-first century earlier this year: our household finally got HDTV. Specifically, we got it the day before the Super Bowl, but couldn’t get actual HD service until the day after, meaning there was a period of less than 48 hours where we had to watch TV in pixellated stretch-o-vision, a period […]

My Sleep-Deprived Bracket

You can tell, because I became enamored at the prospect at something happening that’s never happened before in the national championship game, something that would doubtless send ratings through the roof. I’m running myself ragged trying to finish up classes. Honestly there aren’t that many teams I’m enamored of in this year’s tournament, and many […]

The problem with having the NCAAs and NIT broadcast by two different organizations.

This is a day late, but I wanted to stretch out The Streak while keeping the Kickstarter feature on Monday: So as I mentioned Friday, truTV had a “Hardcore Brackets” show that revealed the full 1-68 seed list of the teams in the tournament. Not only that, it also revealed the “first four out” of […]

The OOTS Effect, Part IV

Has the OOTS/Double Fine effect worn off? I ask not only because of the number of projects that have lost momentum, but there really aren’t any notable new projects this week – can I really get excited about The Classic Crime or Shell Game raising 5o grand in a week? There is the weird case […]

A modest proposal to all bracketologists:

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but truTV will be airing a special “Hardcore Brackets” show after the selection show on Selection Sunday. And on this show, for the first time ever, we will learn the actual order that the NCAA ranks all 68 teams in the tournament. I know a lot of you like […]

I THINK I caught everything in the flash this time. Naturally, I’ll probably turn out to have missed something really obvious.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized aquatic dwellings.) Andrew Hussie seems to be making a habit out of ending each sub-act of this act by making it look like the protagonists of this act are complete red herrings when it comes to the main plot of the comic. This time, though, I’m not […]

The Sports TV Wars: Looking to Canada and the America’s Cup

Good for them, I guess? I’m happy the America’s Cup is back on television, but I don’t have much to say about it other than what I said in my CAA post. Well, that, and that I guess NBC isn’t entirely losing the battle for smaller events to ESPN. There may be bigger news brewing […]

Who called it in the title of his post on the previous comic?

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized karma.) As much as I’ve complained about the OOTS comics that I’ve read in real time since I started reading it as such, I’d have to say Vaarsuvius has probably been the best part of the comic in that span, for the ongoing tragedy of her […]

The OOTS Effect, Part III

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most direct beneficiary of the Double Fine effect yet: FTL. It’s a game that attracted a considerable amount of attention even before coming to Kickstarter, which means it shouldn’t have been surprising that it doubled its $10,000 goal within a day. Less than a week later, it may be past $70,000 […]