The OOTS Effect, Part III

  • Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most direct beneficiary of the Double Fine effect yet: FTL. It’s a game that attracted a considerable amount of attention even before coming to Kickstarter, which means it shouldn’t have been surprising that it doubled its $10,000 goal within a day. Less than a week later, it may be past $70,000 by the time you read this, with most of a month to go.
  • I didn’t talk about the LowLine project last week because it was barely a weekend old, and it took a full week to meet its lofty $100,000 goal, but with five weeks left at that point it could climb into rarified air. FrackNation has been going for most of a month and only just recently met its goal, but when that goal is $150,000 (already in the top ten listed projects in the Film and Video category) and it has another month still to run, that project could hit rarified air as well. A project that had already hit that territory but had seemed to have stalled at around $155,000 is the Second Class Citizens Documentary, which received an unexpected jolt last week of a nature I haven’t been able to determine, other than being named a Kickstarter Staff Pick but I suspect that might be older. Also keep an eye on the David Lynch Documentary that raised nearly $50,000 in its first of six weeks.
  • Double Fine itself enters its final week at $2.4 million. The HuMn Wallet is over $142,000 with a full month to go, but some projects featured in this space in the past seem to be having trouble maintaining their momentum; MATTER seems to have slowed down considerably, barely topping $100,000 – still the first listed Publishing project to do so. Idle Thumbs has lost almost all its momentum and sits at around $115,000, as has the Ramos alarm clock, which is even more barely over $100,000 than MATTER.
  • What impressed me about the Double Fine project as much as anything else is that, even now, it sits at only six times its $400,000 goal. It’s amazing enough that Tim Schaefer and Co. set a goal that would put them in the top ten all-time Kickstarters, even more so that they would still blow through that goal in substantially less than 24 hours. I’m pretty sure that’s the highest goal to be successfully reached in Kickstarter history. Instaprint has set an even more lofty goal of $500,000, and their progress is probably more realistic for projects with that high a goal – they raised over $30,000 over the weekend, but that’s only 6% of the goal. But they did do their research and gave themselves a long time span to raise their money, through close to the end of April.
  • Another webcomics project benefits from the OOTS effect! Well, an animation based on a comic by a guy who used to do a webcomic, anyway! Atomic Robo: Last Stop raised nearly $45,000 in its first week, blowing through its $12,000 bare minimum goal, and it still has five more weeks to go. In actual webcomic project news, Diesel Sweeties has officially made it four of the top five comics projects that are webcomics-related projects from this year, while Erfworld has a chance to pass Benign Kingdom for the (relatively) prestigious #3 spot in its last week. That would mean, when you go to Kickstarter and look at the overall “Most Funded” page, under Comics, two of the three projects displayed will come from webcomics that are or were once hosted on the Giant in the Playground site.
  • Speaking of which: By my reckoning, nearly 70% and probably more of all the people who pledged to the OOTS drive should have received surveys by now (the 70% figure should have gotten them by Thursday). The first rewards should start shipping by the end of the week, while Rich has begun working on artwork for the coloring book, and the final tally of reward stories stands at: at least partial backstories for O-Chul, Therkla, Elan, and Belkar, two follow-up stories to the limited-edition book, a parody of a D&D setting, AND another (likely-to-be) parody starring the Cliffport Cops.

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