I hate my life right now.

3:45 PM: I enter class hoping to find some sort of idea I can use as a jumping-off point for a post today.

4:15 PM: I find said idea and also realize I intended to write a post taking off on another idea I had. I begin writing the latter.

4:45 PM: Break time. People move positions such that I find myself in a place where I can’t get anything done for the rest of class.

5:50 PM: Half an hour of struggling to read a comic for a future review in the library.

6:25 PM: Leave campus.

7:25 PM: Get home, realize the school across the street is going to be making it impossible to get serious work done for the next two hours, and my mom and company aren’t helping.

9:40 PM: Mom and company start watching TV, which means I have more time where I’m not going to get stuff done other than having dinner.

10:30 PM: Mom and company stop watching TV. Naturally, I goof off a little in front of the TV myself.

11:30 PM: I finally get back to starting to write the post again, FIVE HOURS after I last attempted to work on it, intending not to allow me to rush myself… only to find I’m in no state to think coherently about it.

And you wonder why I wouldn’t be a fan of my current living and work situation.

(No lecturing me about working on my blog during class, please. Thank you.)

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