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Windows Security Tools Missing after Malware/Virus Infection – How To Restore

I’m starting to become a convert to the cause of Macs. I spent much of the past week trying to clean up after my computer got hit with some malware, and I’m still not completely sure it’s entirely gone even after running multiple anti-malware and anti-virus programs for HOURS of my life I’ll never get […]

Unlike with the green sun, though, I don’t think there was no way it could have been presented clearly.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized anniversary laziness.) Once again, I goofed up in my reading of a Homestuck flash, and once again I’d like to shift the blame to how confusing said flash was. But I don’t think I can do so entirely, because there’s a lot that snaps together, both about […]

Fox Sports Takes Over Saturday Nights

I’ve figured Saturday night, so abandoned by the broadcast networks, was an ideal sports night for some time. Way back in 2005, I believe it was, I wondered why a college football game between Virginia Tech and Miami (FL) with massive BCS implications was airing on ESPN. It made so much sense for ABC to […]

An open letter to the Internet Explorer team:

If I exit Internet Explorer, and certain processes/pages don’t close for whatever reason, and I have to use the task manager to close them… …then when I reopen Internet Explorer, the pages associated with the processes I had to close manually shouldn’t be the only ones that reopen. Of course, what you should really have […]

Wha… what’s this? It… it’s an ACTUAL WEBCOMIC REVIEW on Da Blog! Oh, happy day!

(From The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. Click for full-sized resurrection interruption.) For whatever reason, despite – or perhaps because of – their popularity in comic books and among nerds, superheroes are not that popular of a subject for webcomics. Oh, there are webcomics, even reasonably popular ones, about superheroes; it’s just that none of them have […]

First impressions of Jim Rome’s new show

Because of classes, the ESPN shows I watch and the inability to switch channels with no one home, I wasn’t able to see the first episode of Jim Rome’s new show on the CBS Sports Network, Rome. I did, however, watch the second episode on Wednesday, so what’s my verdict after what I said about […]

ComicMix “Webcomics March Madness” Tournament Blows Up

I’ve become fascinated with the “March Madness”-style tournament the ComicMix website has been running, partly because such a structured excersize is right up my alley, but also because it’s blown up into something no one could have ever anticipated, one that’s gotten multiple webcomickers’ competitive juices flowing, helped by the increasing cash prizes for comics […]

Could the BCS Save the Bowl System – by Destroying It?

USA Today recently revealed a document that basically lays out what the conference commissioners are looking at with regards to changes to the BCS. I’ll take a look at the playoff proposals contained therein at a later date, but for the moment I want to take a look at the other thing the document reveals: […]

They changed it, now it sucks.

(From xkcd. Click for full-sized Mary Poppins act.) I continue not to read xkcd, but when it changed the look of its front page this past weekend, I was willing to accept it as part of the April Fool’s joke of the early version of the “Umwelt” comic that day. When the actual comic (which […]

The Sad Decline of Comixtalk

O Comixtalk, how art thou fallen, light of the morning. Comixtalk started life as Comixpedia, an online magazine dedicated to “comics in the digital age”. As such, it strove for the same level of in-depth interviews and analysis of comics as a medium that you would expect of a print magazine, with some names you’ve […]