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Because sometimes, you just can’t beat overkill.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized red alert.) For me, one of the most confusing parts of Homestuck came shortly after I started reading it (as in, at the exact time I wrote and posted my original review of it), when Karkat voiced his worry that, by skimping while creating it, he “gave […]

And the winner for baseball’s new Wild Card games is…

…TBS! At least for the next two years until the new contract kicks in. Not exactly a surprise, given how much of the postseason it airs already, including any tiebreaker games. What is a minor surprise is that TBS is trading in two Division Series games for this, which will go to MLB Network. What […]

Zach, if you’re not going to include the red-button panel on the RSS feed, at least provide an alternate feed with just comic links.

(From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Click for full-sized reality.) I don’t have much more to say about Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal than I did back in March. I was trying to avoid saying too much about it then, to avoid giving away too much about the review now, but what is there to say? It’s […]

I originally published this without a title and realized it just a few seconds too late, and now I’m too pissed off about it to come up with one.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized diamond ring.) Is it possible that the Condesce/Betty Crocker is actually, or at least about to become, a sympathetic figure? She wouldn’t be the first post-Scratch troll to have doubts about her race’s culture, or even the first to do so while gleefully embodying it (let me […]

Catching up with the state of Kickstarter

(From xkcd. Click for full-sized recursive fundraising.) You know Kickstarter is catching on when Penny Arcade and xkcd are talking about it. How big has it gotten in the time since I stopped keeping track? According to Wikipedia’s top-ten list, there are now five million-dollar Kickstarters, two of them finishing after I stopped, plus two […]

Could CBS Sports Network add NFL programming, including Sunday morning pregame?

NFL Network reporter Jason LaCanfora is headed to CBS, in all likelihood trading places with Charley Casserly, who has appeared on NFLN’s draft coverage. That’s all well and good. But arguably the lead was buried in this piece on the move: La Canfora also will work on the CBS Sports Network cable channel and […]

Idle thoughts on the future of journalism

There’s a local story here in Seattle with tremendous import on the future of journalism. Publicola, a local news blog that was the first online-only site to be credentialed to cover the Washington State Legislature, will be shutting down with at least two contributors moving to another blog. Because other similar blogs around here seem […]

Yes, I’m fully aware of the problems with posting a review of a comic while it’s in guest strips.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized campaign progression.) This is the first time all year I have posted anything other than once over the course of a single weekday (allowing for some fudging), and I am only praying that I have enough time to get it up while it’s still the current comic. I just […]

The Sports TV Wars Come Back to Life

There was a dead period of a little over a month in the sports TV wars, but some contracts are starting to get signed again. CBS Sports Network is starting to become home to all the bottom-of-the-barrel detritus none of the other contenders want – both professional lacrosse leagues, and rumor has it the UFL […]

Ladies and gentlemen, the only webcomic that can turn me into a gibbering fangirl shipper. Marten x Marigold and Dora x Tai OTP!

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized mind-scarring Internet memes.) Since I’ve started doing these webcomic reviews again, I’ve been wondering if I’ve become a big ol’ softie. I was hardly ever John Solomon, but nonetheless one of the things I tended to do in my previous webcomic-reviewing life was to go against the conventional wisdom […]