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Sizing up the MLB contract situation

Here’s the way I see things heading into MLB’s rights renegotiations: Fox’s decision to hand over Saturday nights to sports, of which MLB plays a key role, may have MLB thinking of moving its main broadcast package to primetime full-time. As the only entity of sufficient stature that can fill the time all summer, MLB […]

ESPN and the Rose Bowl stay in business

No sooner did college football approve a revolutionary playoff structure than ESPN made sure at least one aspect of the past remained in place: the Rose Bowl breaking off from the rest of the BCS and signing its own television contract. ESPN has signed an agreement with the Rose Bowl over the entire 12-year course […]

The State of NASCAR on Television

NASCAR is in a bit of a state of flux at the moment. If you were describing the “four major sports” and you were looking at matters objectively, the fourth sport would be NASCAR, not the NHL, a status the sport has triumphantly risen to over the course of the last two decades. Once a […]

NBC Renews Relationship with Tour de France

Been a long time since we last looked at the national sports TV wars, though does it count as “renewing” it when the broadcast contract belonged to CBS only two years ago and they inherited what they did get from the former Versus? Still, say what you will about the NHL, but Comcast’s rise to […]

Things are about to get even better for the NBA Champions…

Apparently Fox can compete for local team rights in a competitive, high-value market as well. Fox is breaking the bank and is about to at least quadruple the money they pay the Miami Heat – only the reigning and future NBA Champions and the most-talked-about team in the second-most demo-friendly league – closer to the […]

CBS to launch national sports radio network

Okay, this is… weird. Not two weeks after NBC announced it was teaming up with Dial Global – owners of the Westwood One radio network previously owned by CBS – on a sports radio network, CBS has announced it’s allying its own radio properties with those of Cumulus to form a sports radio network of […]

Another reason to avoid TV Tropes’ Wild Mass Guessing section: it tainted my reaction (and possibly the speed with which I posted this) by keeping me focused on what ended up being one of the LESS important revelations.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized liberated jokes.) As it turns out, Act 6 marked the introduction of two sessions with import on the final outcome of the war, and the other one isn’t the one that has come to be called “A1”, the pre-Scratch troll session, though we have become quite acquainted […]

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t been reading Gunnerkrigg Court. Especially chapter 31.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized dream discussions.) It figures that the first full chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court I read as it comes out is quite possibly the most confusing one imaginable to start with. So… what the hell just happened? Apparently Antimony is out cold and Zimmy and Gamma come in to help her… […]

Hopefully the last streak-filler-post.

This is going to take some explanation. If you’ve been reading Homestuck, you know that over the weekend Andrew Hussie dropped a bit of a bombshell on his audience. Now, in retrospect, I should have done a post on it on Monday, but I felt that, even with as much as Hussie had already dropped, […]

Summer plans

I intend for this to be quite possibly the biggest summer in the history of Da Blog, so here’s what you can expect. First, there will definitely be a Homestuck post at some point this week. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Recent events, shall we say, have seen to that. Also by the end of this […]