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To think, a couple weeks ago I was going to write a post about my concern about the encroachment of robot racism into the comic.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized special requests.) Part of the reason why I started doing full-fledged webcomic reviews again this spring was to rope in more comics for me to follow and do semi-regular posts on, so I wouldn’t be doing OOTS and Homestuck (and nominally, Ctrl+Alt+Del and Darths and Droids as well) over […]

@sportsguy33, the Sonics, and me

I have a confession to make. When the Sonics were stolen from Seattle? I was kind of apathetic about it. Part of the reason was that the Sonics were in a lengthy phase ranging from mediocrity to sucking. Part of it may have been that even then, I was developing into more of a national […]

State of My Life and

As I type this, I have had an actual good night’s sleep exactly once since Sunday. The worst part? I’m still not sure whether I did enough fast enough to pass my classes. On the plus side, I’ve started the process of paying for hosting; I should have a year’s worth of hosting paid for […]

What is the NBC Sports Radio Network?

On Monday, the NBC Sports Group announced that they would be forming the NBC Sports Radio Network with Dial Global Networks, broadcasters of the NFL and NCAA Tournament. Jumping into the fray already occupied by ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, and Yahoo Sports Radio, and becoming the third of the three major contenders in the sports […]

The State of Boxing

WWF Superstars, 6/2/12 “Ladies and gentlemen,” says Mean Gene Okerlund, “I’m standing backstage with World Wrestling Federation heavyweight champion Manny Pacquiao, and his manager Bob Arum. Manny, next week you’ll be defending your World Wrestling Federation championship against Timothy Bradley on Saturday Night’s Main Event on NBC, in a match where if you lose, you […]

The NHL’s Dirty Little Not-so-secret

I hear hockey fans say that hockey is one of North America’s four major sports. I hear hockey fans say it’s an outrage that hockey doesn’t get coverage on SportsCenter befitting a major sport. I hear hockey fans say that, however lukewarm the United States is to hockey, it is so huge in Canada that […]

And now, time for this week’s GOOMHR moment.

(From xkcd. Click for full-sized shrinkage.) I know xkcd is one of my go-to crutches for continuing The Streak, but this comic really struck a chord with me. My own laundry habits for a long time have been basically as depicted in the “Third Week” diagram, but reversed. After I do laundry, I keep all […]

Why I’m rooting for LeBron James

I think I might be a pretty weird sports fan. While most people root for the underdog, I root for the favorite. Now don’t get me wrong. I get as much of a rise out of upsets in the NCAA Tournament as anyone else. But at some point, when the theoretical gap between the two […]

State of the Los Angeles Sports TV Wars

Since forming a new regional sports network to show Lakers games, Time Warner Cable has not won many prizes… but the next-biggest prize has still not been settled. While TWC was able to add Galaxy games, Fox Sports has locked up Angels and Clippers rights, and just did something very important: lock up the primary […]

My Adventures with HP Tech Support

So I mentioned a week ago that my power cable broke, right? Well, here’s the story of what happened to my replacement: Apparently I didn’t get it as early as WEDNESDAY because HP sent it to my old address but my new city and ZIP code, despite my giving them the correct address AND their […]