The Great Donation Drive of 2012

I’ve bit the bullet and added a donation button to the left side of Da Blog. My hosting bill comes due later this month, and while I’m reasonably confident I have enough money to cover one year of hosting, the more money I have the more years of hosting I can buy.

This is not me going to “donation as a business model” or anything like that. This is a short-term pledge drive to pay for as much long-term hosting as I can. The donation button will be removed once the hosting is paid for, which could be anywhere from one to two weeks. I’m hopeful that within the next year I’ll have at least laid the groundwork for a more sustainable income stream for the site.

I don’t seriously expect to get much in the way of donations anyway – based on my number of visitors, I probably shouldn’t expect more than one or two donations, and I’m pretty sure one of those is going to be my dad…