Summer plans

I intend for this to be quite possibly the biggest summer in the history of Da Blog, so here’s what you can expect.

First, there will definitely be a Homestuck post at some point this week. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Recent events, shall we say, have seen to that.

Also by the end of this week, the webcomic reviews may start up again. I stress may, because it depends on a number of factors.

I have hinted at another political series, and I’ve tentatively scheduled the start of that for July 2, so in two weeks. There’s an off chance I’ll start it a week sooner, depending on how the writing goes later this week.

Before that series starts, I need to make a major cleanup of the forum, which has literally hundreds of spam accounts (and to my knowledge, only me as a legitimate one). I need to figure out how to make a registration page that weeds them out.

Once the series starts, it will dominate Da Blog other than webcomic reviews, so that will be the main proximate consequence of the summer.

The most important parts of the summer, though, are going to happen later, maybe not even really during the summer.

Stay tuned.

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