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The state of the college football playoff’s TV rights

The so-called “Champions Bowl” may not have a venue or even a proper name, but it does have a TV deal. ESPN will reportedly pay the SEC and Big 12 Rose Bowl money to show the game over the duration of the new playoff format. Make no bones about it: this puts ESPN in a […]

I may be missing some things again, but I don’t see how one draws the conclusions I read. I mean, I know what they refer to, but I don’t know how you know what they are, and at least one is just plain wrong.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized black hole accretion.) As it turned out, not even the entry of Jake, Roxy, or Dirk into the medium was going to be saved for the end-of-sub-act flash (nor was it necessary for Roxy or Dirk to return to the future and actually be present for their […]

Two lesser football leagues complete TV deals

CBS Sports Network continues its acquisition of every professional league no one else wants, completing the long-rumored agreement with the UFL, that league everyone’s heard about but that couldn’t even complete a four-team season last year. I’m not sure whether to count the CFL towards NBC Sports Network’s total (added in the middle of the […]

Wha… what’s this? It’s… could it be? …an ORDER OF THE STICK post! Oh, joy!

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized light amongst the darkness.) Rich Burlew’s time has been somewhat monopolized by fulfillment from the Kickstarter, so the comic itself has actually slowed down considerably since the Kickstarter wrapped up back in February. That’s not to say that things haven’t happened in that time. In fact, […]

Coming up on Da Blog in August…

I tried to get back in the swing of doing webcomic reviews earlier this year, and I’d be dumb if I didn’t take advantage of the summer to get more in. I’ll probably lay off the webcomic reviews once school starts, but I’ll start putting up some next week. I have three different comics in […]

A modest proposal (I really need to stop overusing that particular phrase, this is serious):

So David Stern wants to make the Olympic basketball tournament an under-23 affair like the soccer tournament, partly to increase the prominence of FIBA’s World Cup of Basketball, formerly the World Championships. That would greatly minimize the number of NBA players who went to the Olympics. Baseball got kicked out of the Olympics mostly because […]


I was all set to have all these plans for the week that I’ve mentioned in previous posts, and I was going to give my thoughts on the sanctions against Penn State today… …and then last night I realize I have an insect bite on my left pinky that’s restricting my ability to straighten or […]

Okay, this isn’t working.

I was quite proud of myself for buckling down and getting Part V of the #OccupyTea series finished last night. I was on cruise control throughout the entire process. It took about four hours. There were some periods when I was doing things not productive to getting the post finished, but not very many, and […]

The Occupy Tea Party Platform, Part V: Balancing the Budget

It’s not hard to figure out why the government has so much trouble balancing the budget and why the national debt keeps ballooning. Americans like their taxes low and their government services high. Democrats fancy themselves Robin Hood, taxing the rich to play for government services for the poor; Republicans want to cut services so […]

The schedule heading into next week:

Expect two more #OccupyTea posts Thursday and Friday. Sometime next week, I’m going to flesh out my thoughts on the PA Kickstarter a little more, specifically further clarifying the distinction between them, an up-and-coming or new artist, Louis CK, and a big media conglomerate. There will be reference to things Gabe and Tycho are doing […]