Coming up on Da Blog in August…

I tried to get back in the swing of doing webcomic reviews earlier this year, and I’d be dumb if I didn’t take advantage of the summer to get more in. I’ll probably lay off the webcomic reviews once school starts, but I’ll start putting up some next week. I have three different comics in the hopper for me to write reviews on and a few more besides.

Also, I’ve had quite a few spam comments get through the filter recently, so I’ve been thinking about making some changes to the comment system.

I’ve also removed the ShareThis buttons, despite our being in the middle of the #OccupyTea series, because I’m sensing a growing laziness on their part. The list of buttons I can add via the customization feature has barely changed since I installed the plugin, and oddly, I can use checkmarks to add Google+ and Pinterest buttons but I can’t do so in customization, at least according to their help page. Then after upgrading the plugin and changing some of the settings, I saw that the default button name now appears to be the short code for each service, which results in some pretty long names. Long story short, I don’t like the direction the plugin is headed and I might try and look for an alternate solution, one that doesn’t hijack the entire sharing process.

Yes, this is basically a stall post to continue The Streak. Waist-deep in a personal project right now, don’t know how much work on the #OccupyTea series I can get in this week.

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